Welcome to Monstra, a crazy little webcomic about...well monsters. (What else would it be about with a name like that =P). The comic tells the story of Storm Fuller (know to some as Stormy). A vampire living with his family in the little town of Cliffton on the mansion atop the creepy hill. (Yeah you know that creepy hill).

You think the family are the resident monsters of the unsupecting town ready to pounce on them for their blood when they least expect it. Mmm...not exactly.

You see the mother of the Fuller family, for some odd reason, turned the mansion into boarding home and let both manner of monsters as well as humans live there with the one rule being no preying on any kind in the building. While tense at first, the residents agreed and for years the house lived in realitive peace. Then one day the mother had to leave from some unspecified business, naming the eldest son, Storm as the landlord till she returns.

So now Storm has to keep tabs on the place, making sure the peace between the monsters and the residents stays intacts. Of course there are some forces, inside the house and outside that are indeed going to make his job much tougher then usual.  Oh yeah, and there the subject of mantaining a social life.

About the Author
The author of the comic currently couldn't be reached as he on a quest for the ultimate cinnamon roll. Check back later as we try to track him down. Sorry for the inconvience. =P
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